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12/19/2018 : 3:12 am : +0100

Publications - ATTO-Dyes - ATTOOxa12

P. Volz, A. Boreham, A. Wolf, T. Kim, J. Balke, J. Frombach, S. Hadam, Z. Afraz, F. Rancan, U. Blume-Peytavi, A. Vogt, U. Alexiev, Application of single molecule fluorescence microscopy to characterize the penetration of a large amphiphilic molecule in the stratum corneum of human skin, International journal of molecular sciences 16, 6960 (2015).

A. Sengupta, C. Pieper et al., Flow of a nematogen past a cylindrical micro-pillar, Soft Matter 9, 1937 (2013).